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More and more owners rely on specialized agencies when renting their apartment. But what are the reasons that lead to this decision? In this blog we show you the advantages.


SECURITY: Forget about defaults. The systems used in modern holiday software as well as in the main rental websites offer high reliability and a guarantee of collection for the owner. INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT:Get the maximum profitability out of your home while still enjoying your most precious asset, time. The agencies take care of EVERYTHING related to the rental. Delivery of keys, photographic report of the house, promotion in the portals, attention to the guest, repair in case of breakdown ... PROFITABILITY: Contrary to what you may think, the profitability for an owner when entrusting the management to an agency, increases on average between 5 and 15% more than managing it on their own. The staff in charge of the management is an expert in the sector, adapting the prices with techniques such as Revenue Management and varying the methodology with the aim of optimizing profitability for the owner to the maximum. PROFESSIONALISM:trusting an agency is a guarantee of complying with the law and with the requirements to rent a home. In 2021 the number of inspections of the Treasury in tourist accommodation has increased considerably, unmasking many accommodations that were being rented illegally by individuals, with its subsequent consequences for them. VISIBILITY AND REPUTATION: your tourist apartment will be present in the best rental portals in the world, thanks to the work and the constant promotion and investment in advertising by the agency in charge of the management. Thanks to this, the reputation of your apartment will increase with the passage of reservations, achieving more and more profitability.


Are you the owner of a home in Alcossebre and are you interested in renting it? Find out more with ALBERT VILLAS

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