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Energy Certificate

Albert Villas performs the necessary energy certification for the sale or rental of your property.

The energy certificate specifies the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of a property that is advertised for sale or rent.

It is mandatory from June 1, 2013.

The owner of the property is responsible for obtaining this certificate, who must hire the service of a certifying technician.

Energy label

The content of the energy certificate is summarized in the energy label.

This label indicates the emissions and consumption ratings that the property has obtained in its energy certificate, on a color scale that goes from A, the most efficient, to G, the least efficient.

For sale and rent announcements

The energy rating indicated in the energy certificate must appear in any advertisement or publicity act of the property.

The owner must provide his energy certificate to Albert Villas in order to include it in his advertisements.

Georeferenced coordinates certificate

At Albert Villas we carry out the Georeferenced Coordinates Certificate, it is a technical document. Contains the list of all the points that form the perimeter or contour of a property. Usually refers to parcels. It can also include the buildings that are part of the plot: house, barbecue, swimming pool, etc.

What do the Notary and the Property Registry ask for?

For some time now, every time someone hears the words georeferenced map, GML Cadastre, Georeferenced Coordinates or Alternative Graphic Representation, they panic, convinced that the real estate operation that they had been pursuing for so long will be paralyzed. Inheritances that do not advance, sales that are rejected, deeds of new works denied or segregations that are paralyzed are some examples. These operations that used to be formalized without much problem, today are paralyzed when someone utters any of these words.

With the approval of Law 13/2015, the legislator has decided to take the different Bodies and Administrations involved in the real estate legal process to the edge of the digital abyss. Property Registry, Notaries, General Directorate of Cadastre and Town Halls, among others, have been forced to take a technological leap into the void, hoping to land in the 21st century. Without even realizing it, we have gone from paper plans with handwritten annotations to GML files of georeferenced coordinates

What are Georeferenced Coordinates?

Georeferenced Coordinates, also called Geographic Coordinates, or Geographic Referencing Coordinates are a coordinate system that allows determining the exact position of a specific property in the territory, as well as its shape and surface. For this, it is necessary to define the coordinates of all the vertices referred to the absolute origin, the geographical zone to which it belongs and its orientation with respect to the North.

Certificate of antiquity

At Albert Villas we carry out the certificate of antiquity of the house: It is a legal and official document that indicates the inspection date of the construction of the house, since, on many occasions, the only thing that appears is the description of the land where the construction of the building took place. This is a document drawn up by the architect or technical architect, which contains the completion date of the work on the house, a certificate that can be used to complete the deed of the house.

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